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The Healthy Mechanic is a fictional story with a real and powerful message.

This novel will bring you on an inspirational, entertaining and informative journey of discovery. Along the way you’ll learn the 12 secrets to health and wellness which could make your health span equal your life span. This is a compelling proposition at a time when, for the first time in human history, the lifespan of the current generation is expected to be shorter than that of its parents.

We call the health messages in The Healthy Mechanic “secrets,” but that’s only because few people seem to have incorporated these principles and practices into their lifestyles. When they do, however, it’s as though a light has been switched on. The impact of these lifestyle changes can be dramatic for the health of the nation. More importantly, it addresses the health care crisis with the only solution that is really sustainable: by reducing demand on the system, instead of trying to continually finance its expansion—an approach that simply cannot work over the long term.

The secrets involve simple lifestyle changes that anyone can implement at no cost and with very little effort, but the payoff can be enormous—a long and healthy life free of the chronic degenerative diseases that are bogging down our health care system today. These lifestyle diseases can be reversed and prevented by following the strategies that are outlined in this entertaining and easy-to-read novel.

The Healthy Mechanic offers a positive outlook on the future health of our society. We just need to get the message out to as many people as possible.

The Healthy Mechanic was co-authored by Tim Scapillato and Dr. Ed Chicoine, a chiropractor with 30 years of experience in holistic healing. Dr. Chicoine and his family recently completed the Marathon of Health. Running relay-style, he and his six children ran 17,000 kilometres across Canada and back across the United States over a nine-month period to demonstrate the amazing power of a lifestyle based on the health and wellness secrets in The Healthy Mechanic.

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